Continuous Tunnel Washers

With Lavatec Laundry Technology (LLT) you get the kind of engineering that customizes continuous tunnel washers into very sound investments. As one of the few manufacturers to offer both bottom and center transfer design, as well as single- and double-drum construction, LLT has the ability to provide exactly what's needed for your operation.

For very specific laundering needs, LLT tunnels can handle up to 114 wash programs with an intuitive touch-screen interface. The same computer intelligence monitors and controls all inputs and levels of energy, water and chemicals for maximum efficiency. Upon completion of a job, the system can even calculate the exact laundering cost and print out a billing ticket.

But what really makes this intelligence appealing, is the simplicity of mechanics and the strength of construction that makes LLT tunnel washers so preferred for long, reliable performance.

A case in point is the use of four motor-powered drives for chamber rotation. It's a balanced source of power that never has to be lubricated. In the event that one, or even two motors should fail, the LLT system can still power a drum with the two remaining working motors. It's a huge advantage over a single chain drive that requires constant lubrication and periodic re-adjustment due to stretching. LLT also fits each compartment with two water pumps, so if one should fail the washing operation can still continue with the other operating pump.

LT-Series Continuous Tunnel Washer Features and Benefits:

  • Bottom Transfer construction for optimum washing action with low energy consumption
  • Center Transfer construction for flexibility to accommodate both single- and double-drum technology
  • Double-drum construction allows retrofitting for ability to meet new standards for new fabric laundering
  • Capability to handle all temperatures and disinfection processes with countercurrent, co-current and non-moving baths
  • Every drum gauged for temperature and ph control
  • Every drum fitted for heating, draining and chemical injection
  • Mechanical action designed and programmed to prolong linen life
  • No-maintenance four motor drives to assure reliable performance even with one or two motors out
  • No large chain drive to lubricate and exchange
  • Intuitive touch-screen controls to quickly adapt to any situation and handle up to 114 wash programs
  • Refined pump, cooling, insulation and recovery systems for low energy, steam, chemical and water consumption
Available in six to 20 chambers with 55-, 75-, 110-, 132-, 155-, 200- and 220-pound capacities