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Harris wins LAVATEC’s Energy Survey drawing

Beacon Falls, CT – June 30, 2021 – Danny Harris, Director of Laundry and Linen Services at Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin, Inc., has won the drawing for a $250 gift card for participating in LAVATEC’s recent Energy survey.

LAVATEC commissioned its online survey of North American industrial laundry customers in the wake of current economic events and the expected impact on future energy consumption. With the economy strengthening, increases in demand from the commercial and industrial segments may lead to greater natural gas consumption and higher costs.

Three quarters of the survey respondents think energy costs will rise significantly in the coming years, supporting LAVATEC’s preparations for the future by developing and manufacturing equipment to meet these challenges. The new and highly efficient LAVACascade drying system, introduced to the market earlier year, is designed to produce energy savings up to 70%.

"We were very satisfied with the overall response to our survey and the input we received from all who participated. The vast majority of operators expect manufacturers to innovate ways to reduce energy consumption, and this survey builds on the Nuremburg Institute of Technology research that shaped our thinking for LAVACascade," stated Mark Thrasher, President and co-owner of Lavatec Laundry Technology.

Danny Harris

"One of the more significant findings we learned is these operators believe it’s imperative that laundry equipment manufacturers find ways to help them reduce energy costs. Most indicated they are in the 7-10% range of total operating costs and expect it to continue rising. When you consider the impact of governments from around the world as they address climate change and the reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions with short and long-term goals this decade, acting sooner is in the best interests of everyone."

LAVACascade generates time and labor savings with a simple, three-step approach. It begins by infusing a laundry load with high heat, then transfers to the next phase to recapture waste heat and maintains a consistent temperature before the final cooling stage. This machine has the capability to improve nearly any industrial laundry operation, especially those with a large amount of full dry linen after washing towels for hospitality, healthcare and uniform cleaning providers. Learn more about it by clicking here.

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