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LAVATEC to debut the LAVASPEED press at Clean 2019

Beacon Falls, CT – May 30, 2019 – Having an extensive track record of designing and manufacturing innovative commercial laundry equipment that performs at high levels for extended periods of time, Lavatec Laundry Technology customers understand the value of this equipment and its low operating costs. With a booth full of machines that can help any size laundry operation, LAVATEC (booth 2343) expects to attract a crowd at Clean 2019, June 20-24 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans.

Taking center stage will be the new LP583 LAVASPEED extraction press, which features a unique hydraulics package. Known for building the industry’s best continuous tunnel washers, the 12-compartment, 220-pound LT100 also will be on the floor. Being prominently displayed is the LX445 washer-extractor, the LAVARAIL monorail system, a TT 756 gas dryer and front-load FL633 gas dryer, and a single lane towel folder.

LAVATEC will also feature the newest software package for osLaundry, the highly successful control system that can be built into all LAVATEC equipment and helps make plant management more efficient.

"At the last Clean Show two years ago, we introduced osLaundry and some new equipment. We experienced high traffic in our booth and we were very happy with the outcome," explained Keith Ware, VP of Sales for Lavatec Laundry Technology, Inc. "I’m anticipating similar results this year. The new update to osLaundry software makes it better than ever for plant management to monitor and control their operation, and the new LAVASPEED press is impressive. Faster pressing leads to lower moisture content and faster drying times."

With LAVASPEED, customers can expect to experience faster extraction times and benefit from many other productivity benefits. An energy efficient machine, it achieves maximum pressure faster and saves time in the process while improving moisture extraction. This is possible due to having separate high and low pressure systems and an inverter controlled, high-pressure pump. The extraction pressure is measured at the membrane and not at the pump, resulting in improved efficiencies and guaranteed performance.

The LAVASPEED press is available in multiple sizes so it can match with any LAVATRAC tunnel system. It also offers multiple press program options to meet product needs. LAVATEC representatives will be available in the booth to answer any questions.

The LT100 tunnel washer and the overhead LAVARAIL monorail system – with its space saving belt conveyors, sorting carousels and compatibility with all equipment brands – will command the attention of booth visitors. A laundry operation would improve its productivity by adding either of these products.

Ware said the state-of-the-art osLaundry software program also can help improve plant efficiency.

"When I worked in plant management, I would have liked the opportunity to have this program available for my operation," said Ware. "It produces data and information in real time, so you know what is happening at any given moment. If there is a problem somewhere along the line, you’ll know it sooner rather than later so you can react faster and make more informed decisions. Overall, osLaundry is proving to save operators time and money. That’s an important consideration to be able to leverage in today’s world."

The TT 756 is another reason why Clean Show attendees should visit the LAVATEC booth. This 450-pound capacity gas dryer is the epitome of safer ergonomics, sustainable processes and smart technology, all designed into one machine.

"Plant managers looking to find every production edge from their equipment should not overlook our TT series of dryers," remarked Ware. "Our dryer technology with its infrared sensors has improved drying times by up to 15 percent. There are several advantages associated with it, such as higher throughput, reduced gas consumption that saves on energy costs, and linen that isn’t being over-dried. This is the result of a line burner system that covers the entire drum. In turn, it produces superb quality and the shortest drying times possible."

Make plans now to visit the LAVATEC booth and speak with company representatives. If you are not attending but would like more information, please visit

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