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Ask and compare at Clean 2015: See why Lavatec simplicity, longevity and payback isn't just talk

Beacon Falls, CT – April 10, 2015 – Every laundry system equipment manufacturer has plenty to say about its tunnel washers and other offerings. But what does it really mean? How do they actually differ? More importantly, how will those differences impact day-to-day performance, operating costs and long-term returns from your million-dollar-plus investment?

Clean 2015, April 16-19 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, gives buyers a rare opportunity to get an up-close, hands-on feel for how competitive manufacturers stack up.

"That means more than just looking at hardware and listening to what the reps tell you," cautions Mark Thrasher, President of Lavatec Laundry Technology, Inc. "Ask questions – specific, pointed questions – of us, as well as other manufacturers."

Noting that in booth #1513, an LT35-10 35KG tunnel washer along with a press, a washer extractor, dryers, feeders, folders and ironers will be on display, Thrasher continues:

"We want visitors to take a really close look 'under the hood,' so to speak. Only then can they see how Lavatec machines are thoughtfully, thoroughly designed for simplicity, to 'engineer out' extraneous parts, maintenance time/costs and operator steps found in other makes. Close inspection also reveals how our machines are built in ways that -set Lavatec apart, and deliver savings along with operational advantages to help laundries deliver high quality linens day in and day out, for decades."

Keeping it simple: Ask about Laser-Guided Lavatec Drum Manufacturing

Start with tunnel washers, Thrasher suggests, which anchor any system, and look into how they're built. Every tunnel is a series of cylinders welded together to form a tube. Unlike most manufacturers, Lavatec employs Laser-Guided Drum Manufacturing – an automated robotic welding system that provides:

  • perfectly round cylinders
  • tighter tolerances –
  • uniform welds
  • identical machine-to-machine construction.
In the process, you get
  • stronger, tighter seals
  • longer-lasting seals
    ...and those perfectly round drums in your tunnel roll more smoothly.

Not only that, our manufacturing method speeds up tunnel construction and delivery time dramatically. It's a good point to keep in mind if you're in a hurry to put a new tunnel into play – with, of course utmost confidence that the tunnel was built right and built to last.

"Our manufacturing methods mirror many of those used in the automotive industry to build high end, high performance cars," Thrasher points out. "Peer down the length of a Lavatec tunnel, the LT35-10 in our Clean 2015 booth; you'll see that it looks like what it is: a worthy, long-lasting investment for your laundry operation."

Unsurpassed software for simple, intuitive compartment-to-compartment monitoring and control further reveals the advanced technology you get with Lavatec. In fact, it gives you the ability to monitor not only the tunnel, but your entire laundry system remotely via external computer, a tablet or mobile device.

Ask about water usage, fabric-friendly mechanical action and 'cake-making'

Water usage is a big deal with tunnel systems, and we can point out specifics on our volume per pound of processed goods, as well as related time-temperature-mechanical action factors that ensure thorough cleaning. Furthermore, it's easy to accurately determine total water consumption: all water used within the Lavatec tunnel system comes from a singe, standard hook-up point in each machine.

Then there's mechanical action. Some manufacturers contend that lots of intense action is needed to get laundry clean. With some goods, perhaps; certainly not with all. Your Lavatec tunnel can be custom-tailored for mechanical action that's as aggressive or as gentle as you wish. Our simple, highly efficient design provides fabric-friendly handling that laundry customers appreciate, since linen replacement costs are a major expense.

And when laundry exits a Lavatec tunnel into our press, a single hydraulic pump compresses cakes in short order – cakes that require minimal drying time with minimal energy. In some other manufacturers' presses, however, you pay for two hydraulic pumps. Why? A good question to ask.

Ask about double-drum construction, and friction drive vs. chain drive systems

Forward-thinking also can be seen in Lavatec double-drum construction on bottom- as well as center-transfer tunnel models. Along with strength and long-term reliability, this method also allows more flexibility for adding chemical, steam injection ports and drains, as needed.

Anyone who's wrestled with periodic adjustment of chain drives will love the simplicity of four friction drives used to power the Lavatec tunnel – and the maintenance they require: None. They don't even have to be lubricated.

And when high-volume laundering has you running day and night, our four-motor system keeps you going if one (or even two) motors fail. Observes Thrasher, "Uninterrupted throughput is a huge advantage, enabling you to deliver the goods until relatively simple motor replacement can be scheduled.

"This kind of real-world thoughtful engineering and lasting value goes into every piece of equipment we make. You begin to see why so many Lavatec tunnels are still going strong after 29 years."

Ask about Girbau finishing units joining Lavatec systems in booth #1513

Smart engineering and custom-tailored manufacturing by Girbau Group also makes a good fit with Lavatec's approach to serving laundry industry clientele. A collaborative manufacturing agreement reached in October 2014 enables Girbau to offer Lavatec industrial laundry products, and vice versa through Lavatec distributors.

"Girbau finishing, folding and ironing equipment blends smoothly into a Lavatec line," notes Thrasher. "These performance-driven units enhance end-to-end productivity and efficiency, and are an ideal choice for many operations."

Three Girbau units will be in Lavatec booth #1513 along with the LT35-10 tunnel washer:

  • LP571 press
  • LX445 washer-extractor
  • FL633 gas dryer
  • TT756G dryer
  • Lavatec rail system
  • Lavafeed DRF-3 spreader feeder
  • Lavaroll self-contained thermal fluid ironer
  • Lavafold FL-Smart folder

Our new computerized, multifaceted laundry operation management system capabilities also will be demonstrated.

Ask us – ask others … decide for yourself

"Any tunnel system is a major investment and you want yours to last," sums up Thrasher. "Getting a hands-on feel for our equipment while 'looking under the hood' at Clean 2015 is a wise first step toward making an informed decision. You will see how smart engineering keeps things simple in Lavatec machines, which pays in many ways.

"Meanwhile, a multitude of competitive claims clutters the landscape, which is why we welcome your questions. Bring them to our team at Lavatec booth #1513. You'll see why ours is such a long-running story in laundry equipment. And why Lavatec could very well be where your own long-running story begins."

About Lavatec Laundry Technology, Inc.
Delivering dependable commercial laundry equipment engineered for higher returns throughout their lifecycles has been the Lavatec Laundry Technology (LLT) mantra for nearly three decades. Some LLT-manufactured equipment has been on the job for more than a quarter century. A rarity among manufacturers of continuous tunnel washers, LLT offers center transfer, bottom transfer and double-drum construction options, plus a full range of readily integrated, end-to-end laundry system components: washer extractors, extraction presses, centrifuges, dryers, conveyor systems, pickers, feeders, ironers and folders. Simple design, durable construction, user-friendly operation and low maintenance are hallmarks of LLT machines. A global leader with equipment in laundry operations throughout Europe, the Far East, South and North America, in the United States alone, over 6,000 LLT machines are in place. For additional information, visit